Who we are


We provide services for various types of persons or companies, from Romania and abroad. Our range of services is very wide. The old saying "time is money" is more applicable than ever before. COMPLET CONSULT ITALIA can help your company get an edge by saving time and money.


Our mission

Whatever your needs, our mission is to provide reliable service with uncompromising integrity. We accompany our clients through all the phases of work, from the start-up of business, leading in the process of decision-making, elaborating studies of feasibility, account management and developing the necessary procedures for access to the programs of financing, till the consolidation of the company on the territory.

Our clients

We provide services for persons that want to start a new business, but also to the companies of all sizes. Our team of specialists can offer custom services, depending on the client's needs, taking over operative duties and saving companies' precious time.

Concluding profitable commercial agreements, solving issues, with the minimum financial and time effort, avoiding potential commercial obstacles, the correct understanding of the new laws, they all depend on your choice that we think to be the essence of doing business.

  • Ethics and Confidentiality

    In our everyday activities, we are constantly informing the client correctly and on time about any change of the legal procedures. We guarantee the confidentiality of the data supplied by the client or obtained for the client, even after the business relations have ceased.


COMPLET CONSULT ITALIA is a company experienced in helping firms to take their first steps in the Romanian market, by optimizing the performance of important business functions. Whether your company is in need of help in developing an accounting department or would like assistance in outsourcing, we provide the qualified staff, technology resources and best business practice processes to support your business. What makes us unique is our dedication, commitment, and genuine concern for the success of our clients. We work closely with our clients, becoming a proactive member of their team. As a client, you too will benefit from our concern and dedication.

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